Uncle Larry's Pipe Stash

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Our Products

Uncle Larry's Pipes are individually handcrafted from exotic hardwoods. We've worked hard to create products that will be enjoyed and admired for years to come.  The woods used have all been rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards for performance, durability, and appeal. 

They won't shatter, they're great for travel, and are each unique pieces of art and nature.  Enjoy!

Key Product Features

- Rare, exotic hardwoods

- Handmade and each one of a kind

- Won't Shatter

- Great for travel

- Heat Resistant

- Uncle Larry's Draw Chamber:  All of Uncle Larry's pipes have an additional level drilled below where the screen mounts.  This creates a strong draw chamber allowing it to hit beautifully and ensuring the product will burn well in the bowl, including along the bottom outer edges.

- Comes with felt carrying bag and extra screens

Pipe Cleaning Instructions:

To clean the bowl, wipe firmly with a  towel moistened with hot water.

To clean the stem, wipe with *soft* pipe cleaners. 

Wood Types Used

- Bocote

- Bubinga

- Chakte-cok (Red Heart)

- Cocobolo

- Purple Heart

- Padauk

- Wenge

- Zebrawood

*Matching pics and info available soon.